Techiman Divisional Police Commander Wages War On Criminals

The Techiman Divisional Police Commander of the Bono East Region, Chief Supt. Ohene Boadi Bossman has warned all criminals in the region to halt their illegal acts or face the full wrath of the police.

The divisional police commander said, Bono East Region alone records over 50% of crimes rate as compared to the Bono and Ahafo Regions.

He was emphatic that, the crimes rate and road crashes in the Bono East region are higher as compared to the other 15 regions and needs to redress.

The Chief Supt. Ohene Boadi said, the police are been prepared physically and mentally to track all criminals in the Bono East Region within the shortest possible time.

He urged the people of the region to learn from the exemplary life of Wofa Addo; the Managing Director of the Agro limited for providing the Techiman divisional police  with the 6 W.C toilet facility for public use.


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