Government Disappointed Thousands Of Soccer Fans


Thousands of addicted soccer fans couldn’t believe why the Ghana Television, GTV woefully failed to telecast the footage of Ghana and Benin football match.

There is no reason for the ministry of the sports or the Director General of the GTV to give on why and how they failed millions of Ghanaian soccer fans to telecast Ghana-Benin match.

In fact, this total shocked and broken heart disappointment wasn’t the first, second or third time but it is the habitual character of our number one station of Ghana, GTV.

The services of GTV don’t show anything like the mother station serving its people. GTV very often failed to telecast very important programs while our surrounding countries which look very helpless always try to satisfy their people. Yes, it’s better for a leader to show dedication and concern to your people at all time. Don’t neglect the poor who can’t afford DSTV from national programs.

In the first place, how many Ghanaians have the means to buy DSTV or even the multi? The disappointment of GTV failed over 90 per cent of Ghanaians to watch the life match from the screen. Many soccer enthusiast fans had to rely on radio commentary, what a pity.

Therefore, what other means is the ministry of sports expecting millions of Ghanaians to watch the remained matches?

The government has forgotten that without our support and spirit backing, the Black Stars can move an inch in this tournament.



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