NHIA Can’t Stop Cash And Carry System

The cash and carry system among the patients who seek for medicals at the various health facilities in the country has come to stay. Information gathered indicate, the situation can get worse if payment of the health providers keep delaying.

Some health facilities still have about nine months’ arrear. The danger is that all the health facilities credited all drugs in their pharmacy shops and cannot be issued for free to patients.

The CEO, of the Wenchi Methodist hospital, Climent Kwasi Botwi said unless and until the health ministry and the NHIA agree to establish a regional, functional medical source where they can procure medicine at a cheaper prices, no one can halt the cash and carry system.

The CEO, Climent Kwasi Botwe said, the health facilities buy medicine of the same kind with different prices which is wrong. He said when they are being mandated to provide their own medicine at the reduced prices most of the prescribed drugs can be giving at reasonable prices to their clients.

The payment trend of NHIA from its inception had never seen a continuous payment of their debt promptly but rather always facing financial constraints.

A worried parent at the Wenchi Methodist hospital, Takyi Frank says many people have decided not to renew their NHIA membership card due to the cash and carry system.



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