Filth Engulfed Techiman Threatening Lives

The breaking down of Techiman filth site clearing machine has worsen the  refuse dumps situation in Techiman.
The most affected areas been piled with filth are Wangaline, Abanmu, and Mfanti Newtown.
Since the breaking down  of the  machine about two weeks ago, several vintage areas of Techiman are piled with refuse threatening lives and causing fear of being infected with airborne diseases.
Two filth containers at the Techiman central market are filled to capacity waiting for immediate evacuation but to which destination?
Land filth site has been another major challenged facing the EPA and  the assembly. This unfortunate situation needs to redress as early as possible.
Apart from the town filth, there  are many more mountain refuse dumps needed to be evacuated.
The MCE of Techiman, Hon. John Kofi Donyina said the filth and refuse dumps situation in Techiman is a canker and needs much attention.
He said, the filth and refuse dumps had been the major challenged facing the municipality for many years.
Hon John Donyina said plans are far advanced to do a daily evacuation  of filth  immediately they fix a new engine in their braked down filth site clearing machine.


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