Poverty Kills Thousands Of Ghanaians At Their Youthful Age

The national President of the Ghana Adventist Health Services (GAHS) Dr. Amos Kyereme has expressed worry about the untimely deaths of several Ghanaians due to their financial difficulties to attend health care on time.

Health records indicate about 30 percent of patients that died at the various hospitals in Ghana kept their illness with them for too long due to poverty. Lacked medical equipment at Ghanaian health facilities also killed about 15 percent.

Dr. Amos Kyereme disclosed this to Nkyeremu News team during their 5 days of joint work in collaboration with Techiman VVU hospital, Kumasi Asamang SDA hospital, and US medical team.

In their 5 days of free medical treatment, Over 5,000 patients were been treated for free.

About 1,500 of the cataracts patients went through cataracts removal surgeries, 300 patients who were suffering from major and minor hernia cases were also been operated.

The leader of the American medical team, Dr. Nitin Shah said the host Hospitals lacked several medical equipments and had denied many of the patients from been operated.

The in-charge of the Techiman VVU hospital pharmacist said the American medical team had really helped in their exercise.

One of the benefited patients, Kwabena Frimpong attests that their treatment and the distribution of eyes glasses were free.


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