98% Of Retirement Ghanaian People Go Bankrupt


Ninety-eight percent of Ghanaian workers go Bankrupt when they go on retirement.

Research indicates, lack of financial management is the key factor of poverty.

It is also clear that we program how and when to spend our next month’s salary than investment.
This mismanagement of lifestyle continues until our retirement.

It is not about how big one earns but the little you save or invest determines your future.

The people who were living leisurely in offices shortly turned destitute when they went on pension.
The solution to this unfortunate canker is to attend financial breakthrough workshops.

Agribusiness and financial literacy consultant, the general manager of Clamp Biscom Consult, Peter Ansong Frempong disclosed this during their one-day seminar with PWDs at Techiman Brokyempim hall.

The founder of the Clamp Biscom Consult, Andriana Frempong has more to tells.




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