Why Ghanaian Economy Crippling?


Ghana can never see any development unless we start processing our raw materials into finished goods.

No one can point out one vibrant factory of this country in production.

Our only Komenda Sugar Factory couldn’t work, what is happening to the Savanna Shea Butter Factory, Kumasi shoe Factory? The Wenchi Tomacan Factory closed for decades. Last but not least, Techiman Tomato Processing Factory.

After been failed to maintain our factories to function, we then complain of the dollar running.

The basic economics book says any country that relies solely on foreign goods for their livelihood goes bankrupt.

Techiman Tomato Processing Factory has been idled since the time of NDC to date.

At any crop season, farm produce goes waste. Is this a serious country at all?

Ghanaians expert the PPP and 1d1f
to function now to generate more jobs.

The Managing Director of Techiman Tomato Processing Factory, Wil A Ofori talked to Nkyeremu TV News.



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