The Agony Of Atebubu- Kwame Danso 35 Kms Road Network


The drivers plying Atebubu- Kwame Danso road are in a total battlefield which they had never won since the heavyweight of the potholes always stand tall against the helpless drivers.

As the saying goes, when you hit the nose better hit the eyes because the two are inseparable.

At the moment the drivers suffer what do you think about the passengers and their goods that may go rotten?

According to the drivers and the passengers, armed robbers however go gay and use the advantage of the bad road to rob them every day. Accidents and vehicles breaking down are countless on this motorway.

Drives spend over three hours or more on the 35 kms between Atebubu Kwame Danso road.

A senior Presbyterian Rev Minister of Kwame Danso, Omani Atuahene and two others spoke to Nkyeremu News.

In fact, 3s3 wani.

Johnson Kofi Takyi reports



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