UENR Enrolment Hits 8,825 With Infrastructure Challenges


The University of energy and natural resources is now one of the fastest-growing public universities in the country but with multiples infrastructural challenges.

The vice-chancellor of the school, Professor, Harrison Kwame Dapaah said this during the recent matriculation ceremony held at the Dormaa Ahenkro School of Agric Faculty.

The UENR has now 8,825 population with 35 percent been females. The VC has intended to increase the postgraduate student’s number to15 percent but proper accommodation is another question.

Professor Harrison Kwame Dapaah pleaded with the government and the Getfund to come to their aid.

The availability of science equipment at the UENR has attracted hundreds of students beyond Ghana to be enrolled at UENR campuses hence the number keeps increasing at any matriculation session.

The vice-chancellor cautioned both the students and the lecturers not to engage in any examination malpractices.




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