Omanhene Of Mpuasuman Traditional Area Calls On The Government To Pick The Alleged Murderers Of Drobo To Book


The Omanhene of the Mpuasuman Traditional Area, Okatakyie Aturu Nkonkonkyia has pleaded with the government and special security bodies to effect arrest and prosecute the perpetrators who killed three persons of Japekrom of Bono region when marking their 2018 munufie festival.

Okatakyie Aturu Nkonkonkyia said the three persons were killed at the broad daylight in Drobo around 5.00pm.

Okatakyie Aturu Nkonkonkyia said this in an exclusive interview with Nkyeremu News after the people have observed their 2019 Munufie festival.

Okatakyie said what could bring total peace in the area is to punish the diabolical murderers and not the curfew hours being imposed.

He said the introduction of curfew hours has retrogressed development in the area due to few people diabolic act.

Okatakyie Aturu Nkonkonkyia is demanding nothing more than to arrest the murderers for prosecution.


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