Safwi, Debiso-Akaati Cocoa Road Blocks


Debiso- Akaati cocoa road in the North West region has been blocked. It is one of the major cocoa-producing areas in Ghana.

Several heavy-duty trucks plying the road around this time of the year are on a total battlefield but who goes for their rescue?

Since creation, the Debiso-Akaati cocoa growing area had never experienced road rehabilitation yet the area produces most of our cocoa beans than many cocoa growing areas in the country.

Information gathered from the angry drivers here indicates, some of the heavy-duty trucks could be stuck for several days until the road dried up naturally before their vehicles can move.

The situation has compelled some farmers in the area to hire taxis to convey their cocoa beans to nearby cocoa purchasing Clerks to get some petty-amount of money for living.

So until when will our government consider the people of cocoa-growing areas seriously at all?

It will be better for every Ghanaian to experience the road network from Nkrankwanta to Debiso-Akaati as an adventure.

The road here has compelled passengers to beg drivers to overload them. It looks like a drama.

Follow the pictures and videos to draw your own conclusion.

Nkyeremu News is always factual.



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