Vicar General Of Techiman Catholic Diocese Calls For Better Condition Of Services For The Catechists


The Vicar General of the Techiman Catholic Diocese, Very Reverend John Kofi Takyi has condemned the poor condition of services allocated to the Catechists.

VG John Kofi Takyi represented the Bishop of the Techiman Catholic diocese, Most Rev Dominic Yeboah Nyarko at the occasion.

VG John Kofi Takyi in an interview with the Nkyeremu News said, the role been played by the Catechist is so unique and cannot be undermined and therefore deserves better than what they earn for their living.

VG John Kofi Takyi said the total output of the Catechists as compared to their income is far below belt and the church has to consider it with more importance.

He said they are the formators and agents who steer the affairs of the Catholic Churches to function well.

John Kofi Takyi said due to the limited number of priests, the role of the Catechist has gone further than what the congregation knows.

He said, the position and the roles of the priests are though higher but they cannot perform to the expectation without the Catechist.

Vicar General Rev John Kofi Takyi said after their first diocesan Conference Catechists meeting, the church authorities would sit on the round table to consider their sad situation.

Their first meeting was been attended by 450 Cathechrists.
The four days program ended on Sunday, 10th November 2019.

The occasion was been coloured by the priests and other church members.



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