The 1.4 Billon Dollars For Ghana Card Is Dramatic And Looting


There can be no Biblical, Scientific and Mathematical expert to explain to Ghanaians why the Ghana card should cost as much as 1.4 billion dollars.

It is been estimated that one Ghana card is 5 dollars. Do your simple calculation by multiplying 30 million Ghanaians by 5 dollars. The answer should give you an insight into the whole drama and loot of issuing the Ghana card. In our local currency, it’s been an estimated 7.3 billion cedis.

The reasons given by the national identification Authority are; establishment of new NIA district offices, staff, vehicles, and other office equipment.

The registration of the Ghana card has started, where are the news district offices? This tells you and I the 1.4 billion dollars is unrealistic, it is a day time robbery.
Were you been registered at the office or in the hot sun?

Adding the NIA said, the 1.4 billion dollars covers 15 years however, the Ghana card expires after 10 years.
As former president John Mahama rightly said, Ghanaians soon forget. In the next 5 years, this same NIA will come out to demand a new fee to rebrand Ghana Card.

Those of you who want history can keep this dramatic story in documents.

Our Africa politicians think civilians don’t reason. This is the main reason why the few who cannot control their tempers pick guns.

Worried Johnson Kofi Takyi filed


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