NHIS Killer Decisions Have To Be Killed Before It Kills All Ghanaians


There are several ill decisions been taken by the NHIA only to deny the poor from accessing health care.

The limitation of the number of times one should attend health care is completely nonsensical.

Limiting NHIS active member to her location of abode to access health care is a narrowed path and doesn’t hold water because we have different kinds and types of diseases which demand different health facilities and different medical doctors.

The implementors are right to some extent because they have their specialist doctors here in Ghana and overseas.

How should some nurses at all cost demand NHIA cards before attending to someone at the point of death? There are countless number of people who have passed on due to inhuman nurses at the post.

Meanwhile, these NHIA implementors and our MPs use their mobile phones to arrange with specialist doctors for themselves and family health issues.

If the NHIA has mess-up with ideas to run the system let us quit it, Afterall, every Ghanaian knows the NHIS came to enrich a few of the health workers.

When the NHIS collapses today several private hospitals in Ghana will turn their into hotel faculty, why? Asem Nkoaa!

Nkyeremu News is always factual.



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