Are Ghanaians Lazy Or Can’t Think Far?


Ban of foreign rice Is the key, not eat made in Ghana rice.

Ghanaians will be compelled to eat made in Ghana rice only when the quality of foreign rice is not available.
Nana, we want to hear completely banned of foreign rice period.

The solution is to create an atmosphere where Ghanaians may not have access at all to the foreign rice.

Boosting the income of our economy and job creation is not only about food items but involved all angles.

How many of our MPs wear made in Ghana clothes at the parliamentary,
how many of them had intended to buy Kantanka made in Ghana cars?

At the moment our police, military, and other Ghanaians have started patronizing Kantanka made in Ghana cars, it will be equally good and better for our MPs.

Or there is 10% elsewhere in the MPs vehicles importation?

I will always salute Papa J for wearing smock, he is a good example of Ghanaian leadership.

Ghanaians are fed up with row public talks that can’t hold water.
Nana with all respect, who many times had the government banned foreign chicken and frozen fish?

Could one remember me of when Ghana banned underwear and used refrigerators? Our politicians only talk for nothing.

Is it not sad Ghana imports, common salt, tomato, garden eggs, paper, toothpick, and matches?
Don’t be surprised to hear Ghana importing firewood and water in the coming years.

Don’t be also surprised to hear Ghana importing men to come and marry our single ladies as well, women will say allelluya.

Are Ghanaians lazy or can’t think far?


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