Planting For Food And Jobs Is Misled Concept- Tuobodom Tomato Farmers


The Tuobodom Tomato Farmers have described the planting for food and jobs as a completely deceptive initiative. The secretary of Tuobodom Tomato Farmers Association, Kwasi Nyarko describes the planting for food and jobs as misleading initiatives.

He explained to Nkyeremu News TV that, there had not been a ready market for any of their farm produce.
They claimed, they relied on planning for food and jobs concept to secure loans to expand their farms but their farm produce always go waste.

The promised of the 1d1f has also been a failure

Kwasi Nyarko pleaded with the government for immediate intervention.

The story been told by the district chief executive of the Techiman North, hon Peter Mensah is however convincing but is it realistic?

Nkyeremu News team was told early this month a box of the tomato was selling from 250-300 Ghana cedis. It has now reduced to 100- 120 cedis.
The farmers have the fear that the rest of their Tomato may go waste in their farms.

What is the essence of planting for food then?



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