Apesika People In Dare Need Of Water -Serve Ghana Inc

Serve Ghana Inc has discovered that the inhabitants of Apesika and its catchment areas in the Kintampo South of the Bono East region are among those communities facing water threat in Ghana and are more liable to several water infections.

The country director of Serve Ghana Inc, Rev father Martin Oduro Bilson said the source of water available to the Apesika and its environs with over 5,000 people is not potable for drinking.

The sad side of the story is that children at the age of five are all compelled to fetch water with big containers as their parents switch to their farming activities.

Many of the children wash down at the shores of the water emerging from the rock. They drink this water together with their parents without sensing danger.

According to the people, their other sources of river water is over 4 kilometers away from Apesika community.

The country director of Serve Ghana Inc NGO, Rev father Martin Oduro Bilson said, Apesika would be one of their discovered communities to provide them with potable water.

One of the Apesika inhabitants tells their sad story.



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