Jaman South Municipal Falls Apart


The division among the political leaders of the Jaman South and the traditional leaders had crippled the development in the municipality.

Jaman South since split from Bereku District in 1989 had not brought any relief to the populace.
Maybe it would have been better than our present situation if we had not been separated.

Jaman North which was only splited by the former president Kuffour administration in 2003 can now boast of their District tarred roads.

The Jaman South municipal capital linking Drobo, Japekrom, and Kwasibuokrom cannot show one inch of tarred road.

From Drobo to Nyamefie road is now blocked. Forgotten that these communities are the food basket of the Municipality.

One major bridge linking Kwasibuokrom and Japekrom has now turned a death trap and had denied heavy-duty trucks plying the road.

To mention just a few, the only international road to Kwameseikrom border is in the worst state, losing a huge sum of revenue. The only tarred road available in the Jaman South is the major road leading to Sampa.

In short, Jaman South cannot boast of one-kilometer road network in good shape.

Information reached Nkyeremu News indicates, Jaman South MP Hon. Yaw Afful and the MCE, Hon. Alhaji Abuu has not been in good terms. The traditional leaders in the area had never come to an agreement before.

Erosion has washed all the
road shoulders of Kwasibuokrom, this is not a worry to either the MP or the MCE.

The whole District capital in 24/7 hours is either dusty or muddy.
The funniest, are the tires been used as the roundabout at this modern time.

The people in authority should wake up, Jaman South is sinking.

Master Kwasi Charles is a concerned citizen of Kwasibuokrom.


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