Give What Is Due To The Fire Officer


The Bono East Regional fire commander, DO1 George Anim Frimpong has called on Ghanaians to give the Ghana fire service the deserved attention and recognition.

The fire commander, George Anim Frimpong said people failed to recognize the efforts of the fire service in their reports when the articulated truck carrying acid fell into tano river.

He said they were the first agent to the scene and ordered who to manage the situation before the EPA and Ghana Water officials arrived.

He said at any emergency, being a car accident or fire outbreak, the first option is to address fire officers.

He said they carried the first report to the regional minister and to the office of the president yet Ghanaians did not see their efforts because it wasn’t a fire outbreak issue.

He said they provided jackets for people to remove all the acid bags from the tano river but their efforts were not been noticed.

George Anim Frimpong said they spent three days at tanoso accident scene to ensure everything had come normal.

Techiman fire services, most people did not know you matter most when it came to water treatment we are sorry. We thank you for your hardworking and dedication.


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