MMDCES Performance Contract Agreement Is Booster And Threat


The best-performed district chief executive of the Techiman North in the Bono region, hon Peter Mensah has described the MMDCES performance agreement contract as a booster to the hardworking MMDCES and also a threat to those who may not work up to expectation.

He said the agreement contract serves as a guide or syllabus to be followed by the MMDCES and the coordinating directors of the assemblies.

He said the jobs of the MMDCES and coordinating council would be simpler as they would be working as a team to meet their targeted goals.

Hon Peter Mensah said the agreement has prepared them to deliver the best since sanctions await those who would hit below belt.

The municipal chiefs executives of Nkoranza south, hon Dina Ataa Kusiwaa has also promised to be among the best performed MMDCES in the next rating by the local government.


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