National Media Commission To Revisit Their Ethics


The Twafohene of the Techiman traditional area, Nana Afena Nketia II known in his private life as Fred Zeini has called on the National Media Commission to revisit and regulate their ethics that mandates media houses to operate in accordance with the media law.

The CEO of Fred Zeini group of companies, Nana Afena Nketia II speaking to Nkyeremu News said the future of our next generation is endangered since Ghana has turned a completely gambling and brains gain country.

Nana Afena Nketia II could not understand why always it is about bring small money for more on airwaves.

He said if this is not being addressed many of our youth will halt their education and shift to quick money which has no future.

Nana Afena Nketia said this condemnable day robbery business by some fetish priests has now gained deeper roots in the Christian churches. The situation is rather worse in most of the one-man churches.

Nana said earlier, the Media Commission was been strict on its media ethics but now it looks more porous.

Nana Afena Nketia has pleaded with the ministry of communications and the National Media Commission to sanction media houses which will promote fraudsters on TV, Radio and social media.

Nana said this in an exclusive interview with Nkyeremu News.



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