Road Accident Cases In Ghana Are More Critical Than COVID-19


Once upon a time, in the early 90s there was a deadly disease called Hiv Aids, in those days, people were been scared to hear of the name let alone been infected.

Not far away in 2015, Ebola surfaced to put fears and panic in every Ghanaian. The government quickly raised money to establish health facilities in all most the then 10 regions of Ghana to curb the menace.

Our president Nana Akufo Addo has also managed to raised 100 million dollars for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus diseases. It is good enough.

Mr President, can you record the number of innocent people being killed and injured on our roads everyday in Ghana?

If all die be die why no putting same measures to regulate road carnages in Ghana with more attention like coronavirus pandemic?

For many years, no government had even raised more than 10, million dollars to address road crashes, yet, it claims more lives than several deadly diseases in Ghana. The facts are there.

With due respect, I plead with the president, Nana Akufo Addo to raise more than 100 million dollars to address road accidents which I think is more deadly than COVID-19.

The few details available here will tell you how deadly our road accidents had caused.

Averagely, road crashes claim 6 lives every day. I have witnessed two cases on the Techiman-Kintampo road claimed 74 lives on spot.

The best we saw were presidential condolences, envelopes, and promises to the victims.

Confirmed records from DVLA, MTTD and Ghana Road Safety Commission indicate, over 1,700 die on our roads yearly. However, many of the people been killed elsewhere were not recorded.

We need a concerted and comprehensive road transport policies which need much attention than COVID-19 to save lives and properties.

All attention had been switched to coronavirus disease because of restrictions on our movement. Don’t also forget that many people here in Ghana have stopped traveling at the nights due to massively road robberies.

All these need immediate interventions.

All the same, I am in the support of the COVID-19 education and its preventive measures.



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