Farmers Certificates Are Useless


The 2019 national best tree crop farmer of Techiman Tuobodom, Seth Agyei Fosu has described farmers award certificates as ordinary paper which has on influence in any office.

The 53 years old national best tree crop farmer speaking to Nkyeremu News team said he had received 8 different awards including the 35th national award.

He said his position as district, regional and national best farmer had not made any significant impact on his farming activities.

He said outstanding farmers do not receive anything special apart from their awards.

He said there is nothing to envy of them hence many had denied farming work.

The national chief farmer, Seth Agyei Fosu has pleaded with the government to purchase Ghana cashew with a fixed price.

He said the minor cashew proceed was selling at 7 cedis in February 2020 but now 3 cedis for the same kilo.

He said without the government’s intervention cashew farming in Ghana will soon be shattered.



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