Private Health Facilities Close Their Services To NHIS Membership On 31st March


The private health facilities in the Bono, Ahafo and Bono East regions will close their services to all active NHIS Membership On 31st March 2020 due to unpaid claims by the NHIA.

From 1st April, onwards, it’s going to be cash and carry in all the private health facilities in the three regions.

According to the press release issued by the private medical and dental practitioners in Bono, Ahafo and Bono East regions, some of their health facilities have not been paid for 10 months.

The press release indicates some owners of the health facilities have been dragged to court for defaulting SSNIT and GRA.

It further indicates the arrival of the Coronavirus Pandemic had worsened their ill situation since they are now compelled to use running water with soap for hands washing 24/7.

It further says, the use of sanitizers and tissues are just a few of their challenges mentioned.

In the 3 regions, over 60 percent of the NHIS Membership attend the private health facilities. Their denial to thousands of their NHIS clients will be a big blow in the regions.

The worried medical practitioners in the named three regions have petitioned both deserved regions and national executives.


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