We Will Die When Bono East Is Lockdown- Kayaye

The Wheel-Pushers (Kayao) in the Bono East region have petitioned the government through Nkyeremu News team that they will die when the lockdown affects the Bono East region.

The wheelbarrow pushers say they are hand to mouth workers meaning that if one does not work in a day the following day is for fasting.

They say the lockdown in Greater Accra and Kumasi has badly affected their businesses since only the local people these days come to buy at the Techiman market.

Before the partial lockdown in Ghana, they were able to make an average of 15- 30 cedis in a day but now they can’t make an average of 10 cedis.

Some say they are the caretakers in their families and the lockdown has shattered their dreams.

They say, they cannot afford their electricity bills and expect the government to foot their bills just like water.

Atuguba Abanga, Techiman market wheelbarrow pushers has more to tell.(video)



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