Bono East Agric Directorate Switches Farmers Attention On Crop Technology


The Bono East regional directorate of agriculture has started switching farmers attention on crop production technology to increase their crop yields.

The Bono East regional director of agriculture, Cecelia Kegya addressing the peasant farmers at the Kintampo south of Jema in the Bono East says, the climate change has necessitated to draw farmers attention on the improved crop varieties for cultivation.

Cecelia Kegya says her outfit will make everything possible to maintain and improve our traditional vegetables which are the best in our food intakes.

She says after their visitations to the Kintampo North and South, they will draw their program and visit the remained districts and municipal assemblies of the Bono East region.

Cecelia Kegya says the farmers in the various districts and municipal assemblies can get all the crops available on their show tables from their agric offices at reasonable prices.

In their demonstration exercises, they prepared a recipe from cowpea, beans, green soup to serve the farmers that attended the workshop.



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