Government New Policies Project Agric Farming

The modern approach of the government in the agricultural sector has transformed farming practices when compared to the past.

The government’s new policies and interventions will soon reduce post-harvest losses of farm produce since there are ready market for export.

Now it is a challenge for the Ghanaian farmers to accept technology farming practices and produce the highest quality food to meet international standards to generate revenue.

The representative of the Bono East regional minister, George Padmore Mensah, the coordinating regional director speaking on behalf of the minister said, the Bono East has a powerful team to raise agricultural to its best.

He says the region has the best fertile agricultural land and the best location for marketing.

Mr. George Padmore Mensah
believes, with the intention of all stakeholders on board, agriculture in the Bono East region within the shortest possible time will make a hallmark in the Ghanaian calendar.


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