Women’s Farmer Based Organization Received Machinery Valued 2.5 Million Cedis

This press release has been officially launched in Accra.

Women’s Farmer- Based Organisation (WFBO) across the 16 regions of Ghana have been provided with machinery for processing farm products.

This will help to prevent post-harvest losses of most farm produce.

The funding came from Global Affairs Canada in collaboration with the ministry of food and agriculture and the ministry of local government and rural development.

Out of the 48 competitively selected from the women’s Farmer-Based Organization, only 32 qualified for the machinery.

Out of the 32 been qualified from the 16 regions, 4 of them are from the Bono East.

The aim is to help and prevent most of the post-harvest losses and to boost made in Ghana farm produce.

The approach will largely help to modernize agriculture products to meet high competitive market for local export.

The Bono East regional director of agriculture, Mrs. Cecelia Keja says they targeted women to bridge the gap between their opposite sex in finances.

The four women been selected from WFBO
and Mrs. Cecelia Keja has signed a memorandum of understanding at the Bono East Agriculture regional office to start their businesses.

Madam Cecelia Keja says, there is the need to cushion more women in farming.


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