Over 1,500 People Of Techiman Anyabrem Displaced By A Heavy Downpour


Over 1,500 people of Techiman Kenten-Anyabrem in the Bono East region have been displaced by a six-hour heavy downpour.

The rainfall which started around 12 am stopped at 6 am. The victims have lost several valuable items.

TV sets, freezers, and personal home articles have been washed away costing thousands of Ghana cedis.

The people say many families in the night left their homes to seek refuge elsewhere. Some tenants couldn’t pick anything from their halls and bedrooms when they returned.

The Techiman Anyabrem flooding has been an annual affair but who is going to address?

Why did the people in authority release lands in the flooded and waterways for building construction?

Again, why should people buy such land for development?

Rose Yeboaa a landlord and also beer bar operator at New Anyabrem shares her bitterness with Nkyeremu News.

The victims are calling for immediate support from the Techiman municipal authorities.

No authority was at the scene to be addressed by the Nkyeremu News when it was 8.50 am


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