Ghana Can’t Develop With Less Taxpayers Revenue- GRA, Bono East


Any country that fails to enforce its revenue collections will never see development and will always remain under development.

The Bono East Regional Revenue Authority manager, Charles Antwi said this in an exclusive interview with the Nkyeremu News team at their regional head office.

Charles Antwi said every Ghanaian worker is liable to pay tax being it a private or government institution.

He said the developed countries basically depend on their revenue for their developments.

Charles Antwi said most of the financial aids granted to the less developing countries are the sources of revenue.

He says it is never the wish of the GRA to garnish any account of their clients but they prove too difficult to face such challenges.

The Bono East regional revenue authority manager, Charles Antwi has pleaded with all traders in the region to feel free to visit the GRA offices to address their challenges to know how to be handled.

Charles Antwi has pleaded with Ghanaians to pay their taxes to generate enough revenue for development.



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