Who Says Men No Dey?


The military women who find it difficult to have a lasting relationship have decided to hit the streets and propose to men for marriage.

The pretty military ladies claimed men hardly approach them to show signs of love due to their uniforms.

Barely a year ago, these same ladies came openly that men are been scared of them since they hardly approach them when they are in uniform. They said people thought it was a joke but it was their serious issue.

They said about 80 percent of military women are not married. Only a few percentages get married to their senior officers.

The said when the mountain fails to reach you, you better go there.

Our dear military women, this is welcome news. We wish you to write another article with your contact numbers to see how a guy will bounce on you, pretty military ladies.

The health workers and women in the media fraternity also face similar marriage challenges.

Single military ladies, do you think that you live a modest life?

Who says man no dey?


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