Kokotee Wear!

Kokotee wear came in the late 90s
It came to replace ‘Tunabo’ others called it skin touched.

Before then there was what we called ‘bare’

Bare has a nice combination with Afro hair cut. At the same time, there was half currency or half cut. Kwaku Manu’s hair cut is half currency and kokotee wear.

There was another hair cut also called Grace Jones. Grace Jones is similar to Amiley cut which Black Stars’ captain Asamoa Gyan introduced at the world in 2006 in South Africa.

From the above it shows clearly that the latest today oldest tomorrow is justified.

Don’t ever dream that what you wear today will remain the latest no!

Don’t forget another generation will soon surface and call you also ‘Kolo’

The Bible saying all shall pass can’t be denied.


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