Does Crowd Win Elections?


Is it about the manifesto, track records, or crowd that win elections in Ghana!

I witnessed 2008 NPP regional campaign tour in Sunyani then as a news reporter.

Today, we would have called it gargantuan and unprecedented turnout. Lo and behold, that year NPP lost elections.

That year, NPP fixed the largest billboards all over. Since that time I am being scared of big billboards.

That was the time late Professor John Atta Mills introduced house to house campaign in Ghana.
This time around, the incumbent NPP is more engaged in house to house campaigning than organizing for big crowd. I think NDC is also doing same.

I caution any political to consider big crowd as the ticket to the presidency.

Voters are now fast enough to know faked promises that you politicians keep making.

Don’t try to build castle in the air! We know you can not.


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