Why Won’t Jesus Christ Cry?


It’s sad that Jesus Christ is still weeping because we haven’t changed from our bad attitude.

Do you think that Jesus will Weep alone? We will Weep bitterly unless we change for better.

He is weeping because he sees we are in a terrible situation.

It is sad only few pastors these days preach on salvation. Do they even preach the Bible?

It is sad some pastors have studied all Bible quotations on tithes just to collect every persewa from his congregation.

They intend using the tithes money just to enrich themselves by building hotel and buying expensive cars and houses in Europe.

Why won’t Christ cry?

When Covid19 surfaced many of the big time one man churches halted all their projects. Today they have started because they keep draining their church members.

Why won’t Christ cry?

They put up mansion without thinking about where the church members will worship.

The poor people pay about 500 Ghana only for only consultation fee without any better results

Why won’t Christ cry?

They keep selling penicillin bottle type of oil for over GhC 100 to the sick person and vulnerable people.

Why won’t Christ cry?

Don’t forget that on that day, you and I will also cry also weeping bitterly.


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