I Was Once Like You!



I was once a queen mother of a state but time and aged has made me this way.

If I were a machine like a car, I would have been recycled to a different form from my natural status.
Maybe, I would have been parked at backyard for no purpose.

As I speak at the age of 133 none of my colleagues is alive. Even my last born is now 91.

Both my first and second children are already buried.

Beauty fades away. Don’t ever think that you will remain same for ever.
Apart from natural aging and fading, there can be an accident in your way to deform your life entirely.

Fear sin, respect elderly persons and be loyal to every one.

Don’t forget your beauty will soon fade and you will be represented by pictures.

We live in a total pity world don’t boast of your beauty which will soon fade-out.

I wish that you will not force to fade your natural beauty by bleaching or body tattoo which denied many from job placements.

Johnson Takyi cautions!


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