Lawyer Obiri Boahen Is Too Funny!


What has the deputy secretary of the NPP, seasoned Lawyer Obiri Boahen so far said about the brouhaha of hon Kennedy Agyapong who openly ruined insults at the high court judge Amo Wuntah, who he described as the most stupid judge?

At certain times, there is not need to talk about certain issues where you are already a victim.

Nana Obiri Boahen with all respect, I guess know the law better since calling for the arrest and prosecution of alleged police officers been drunk.

Don’t forget they are equally humans and were not using AK 47 fifles at that material time.

Do you know the number of MPs who fail to attend sitting at parliament?

Please hon Obiri Boahen, kindly use your law powers to find out absentees MPs and prosecute them.

In fact, Ghana is becoming a county where only the vulnerable always faces the law.


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