Tuobodom District Court Slaps Jaman Timponin Cattle Dealers GhC 3000


A cattle dealers of Techiman Jamatenponim in the Bono East region was yesterday fined an amount of 3,000 of covers two weeks on reminding.

James is one of the 6 persons now in the Jamatenponim who over decades have been elected cattle-shed and rearing them in the town.

The Tuobodom district judge, his lordship, Anthony Asaah is preparing a bench warrant to the recalcitrant ones who refused to appear before the Tuobodom district court on two different occasions of sittings.

His lordship, Anthony Asaah said, the law of Ghana does not permit an individual or group of persons to real cattle to mingle in the human environment since it poses danger, threat, and also bleeds diseases.

He said it is against the law of Ghana for one to use his job to undermine someone’s freedom.

The state environmental prosecutor officer of the Techiman north in Bono East region, Musa said, one of the cattle last year killed a baby of two years in Jamatenponim last year and has therefore called for this emergency exercise.


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