12th June 2024


Urologist specialist, Dr Boateng Bosomtwi known as Dr BB has strongly cautioned all-male sex who have turned 40 and above to regularly see a Urologist Doctor to ensure he is prostrate free.

Dr BB speaking with the Nkyeremu News team in Wenchi Methodist Hospital theatre said the treatment of prostrate at its initial stage is easily treated without any further complications.

He said it becomes more complicated to operate on a patient when several parts of the body has been infected with prostate cancer.

Dr BB said prostrate cancer is more dangerous when it takes control of the liver, kidney, lungs and the bones.

He said many prostate cancer patients only visit the health facilities when it is is too late to handle.
He cautioned all men having any difficulties in their penis during urinating to see a urology doctor.

He said it would be bad practice to see a herbalist for prostate cancer treatment.

Dr Boateng said, the whole country has only 53 Urologist doctors. The formerly Brong Ahafo region has 3 and the number still remains the same.

He said it would be wise to visit Urology hospital at most every 6 months when one turns 40 years and above.


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