Avoidance Of Complacency Will Give NPP Distinctive Win


The deputy minister for regional reorganization and development, hon Martin Adjei Martin has pleaded with the NPP people to completely avoid complacence which had always resulted negatively.

Hon Martin Adjei Mensa Korsah said this after he has presented his Techiman south parliamentary candidature nomination forms to the Techiman south electoral commission.

Martin Adjei Mensa Korsa who has chalked several successes in his political career has attracted not only the youth but all manner of persons.
His track record of projecting education cuts across all angles.

His support to the needy but brilliant scholars is unprecedented. It is therefore not strange for hon Martin Adjei Mensa Korsah to grab the best-performed deputy ministers award on 3 occasions uninterrupted.

The true reflection of his followers that accompanied him to the EC’s office to present his forms proved beyond doubt and also a historic.

Hon Adjei Mensa Korsah was not been optimistic about his followers but urged his party faithful to work extra harder to win massively without any question mark.


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