Test Village Life!


People who have not really tasted life in the villages before don’t know there is no other place to compare with.

I have personally visited overseas but the best place to have total freedom and enjoy good life is your father’s village.

This is the only place to grab the very natural food to boost your immune system. There is nothing like environmental pollution or vehicular traffic.

This is where you can see totally brotherly love and respect for the aged ones. Again, a culture of respect has strictly adhered.

In such communities hardly could one sees the nakedness of a woman. Over there, nude style is an abomination. In cities, they are called slay queens.

At Akurufi, Bomini and Atabourso, Miki Charles will bear with me that a slay queen will be called mad lady.

Ofa Kwame Freduah and Ofa Ameyaw will surely understand me to some extent.


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