Hon Derick Oduro Is The Most Disappointed MP In Ghana!

The desperate fun club investment clients have described the deputy minister for defense hon Rtd major Derick Oduro as the most disappointed minister in Ghana.

According to them, hon Derick Oduro who championed to get their monies been invested with the fun clubs had never talked on the subject since NPP came in power.

The disturbed financial investment fun clubs clients in the Bono East region have vowed to eject hon Derick Oduro, the Nkoranza North MP for his inability to utter a word after his party, NPP came to power.

They said Hon Derick Oduro had never bothered to address any issue related to their monies been locked by the government.

The worried people described hon Rtd major Derick Oduro as the most disappointed MP of Ghana.

One of the worried fun club investment clients, Gorden Bedebangna speaks to Nkyeremu News.

There were several others comments.



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