12th June 2024


Whenever police personnel becomes a victim, within the shortest possible time the perpetrators are brought to book.

There are countless occasions that the police had managed to bring suspects involving them to book but when it affects a civilian it is not considered as no case.

When the victim is desperate and confused this is where the police will be demanding witnesses involved in the case. At times, they demand transportation fare, filing fees and more just to frustrate the victim leaving the suspects alone.

What happened to the three girls kidnapped and killed in Takoradi?
Mr IGP, could you give Ghanaians the latest development on that?

Mr IGP, how were you able to fish out the six suspects that murdered the MP of Mfantseman constituency of the central region within one week?

Could any Ghanaian tell the number of times that armed robbers robbed, raped, killed, and loot our traders on high-ways without the police picking any suspect?

Now, our MPs who only think of their better livelihood have demanded police security without thinking about how to fuel the police patrol vehicles, without thinking about police bulletproof jackets.

It’s therefore not strange during political parties primaries it turns bloodshed.

Will it be wrong to say Ghanaian police and our politicians are corrupt?

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