Pity, Sad And Sorrowful Demise Of JJ Rawlings Still Hurting!


The demise of late JJ Rawlings has gripped many Ghanaians in a total shock reducing our food intake and has increased our alcohol consumption all just because we have lost a political giant.

Many never thought that Papa J will soon accompany her mom who was just buried only last month.

Glory be to God for Papa Jerry to organised a befitting burial and grand funeral celebration for the late mother before his demise.

Did our late president, ever dream to join the ancestoral world when he was laying wreath on her mother’s tomb?

Did our brave man ever thought to die before 80 years?

The death at any moment can lay its icy hands on you. We live today but tomorrow we are gone.

Our late president JJ Rawlings didn’t cherish material things. He lived so simple life until his death. He was a mentor to many.

It is quite useless and senseless to grab all wealth through foul means to book a lasting place in hell.


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