Salute The Old Guys Who Toiled In Education



All those who were able to pass through form four, senior secondary school (SSS) and sixth form demand big commendation.


In those days, there were no electricity power in the secondary schools.

Students were able to study mostly at day times.


In fact, only few parents were able to purchase lantern for their wards. In those days, kerosine was so expensive to afford to students.


In fact, this was the way most students studied to write their middle school leaving  certificate, O level and sixth form examinations before university and other tertiary education.


In the 70s and 80s there were only 3 universities in Ghana, Legon, KNUST and cape Cost University.


In those days, the middle school certificate was highly respected for employment. Most of them were classroom teachers.


A level certificate was more valuable than our current first degree.


In fact, it was uncommon to come across a first degree holder in your region let alone in your town or family.


Today, we have more than 120 public and private tertiary institutions across the country.


Education ‘abafo’. Today, what matters about education is money. It’s not strange we have some university graduates who cannot write a simple composition. However we have some brilliant ones.


Say ayikoo to our old guys who used lanterns to study to reach where they are.


I salute you.


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