Ghana Lacks Ideas To Explore


Ghana lacks ideas to make use of our raw materials. It is sad over 70 percent of our farm products go waste. This denies many people into farming.

At the bumper seasons, over 90% of tomato, watermelon among other perishable farm products go waste. What is the possibility to earn foreign exchange?

The few who intend going into farming most often fail as they depend on nature for rainfall.

At the moment a farmers relies on nature for rains then of course, buyers will decide the selling price hence most Ghanaian farmers always fail to make profit.

It is sad no government had bothered to implement proper irrigation system that can help the farmers to run all year round farming.

Could you imagine that cashew has no fixed price? In the just ended elections, NPP government made it clear that, government was going to fix the selling price for cashew.

Could any government official tell the farmers the buying price? These challenges make farming unattractive for the youth.

Why should the cashew fruits still going waste?

When will our people in authority start thinking outside the box and stop lying to the people?

Ghana really lacks the ideas to explore.


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