Change Bad Tradition In Ghanaian Law Court


The wearing of wigs in courts was been introduced in the United States in the year 1660. The aim was to distinguish the presence of the high court judges to be given the deserved attention.

Wearing of scarlet robes with grew silk facing bands or jabot and with bench wigs became optional in 1820.

In 1760, the reign of George III of USA saw this as an old fashion. Since then wearing of wigs at the law courts became useless.

However, some judges in the UK still wear wigs at the court’s house. The old tradition does not make fair judgment. What is more important is a fair judgment to free the poor innocent persons.

The fear of the Jude is not in the old white silk wig but the laid down principles in the law book and the situation of the matter and its interpretation.

I suggest, typical Ghanaian design Kente robe to be used to distinguish our judges in law courts.

However, they can throw away their wigs and look simple and neat like Chief Justice of USA, John Robert.

I am also informed that the wig produces excessive heat and an unfriendly odor. Women can tell you more about unwashed wig.

Compare John Roberts of USA and our Chief Justice, His lordship, Anim Yeboah.


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