First Class Facility Hospital Opens In Techiman


New leaf hospital with the modern hospital equipment has been opened in the Techiman of the Bono east region.

Before 12pm on day one, the OPD attendance had recorded over 80 patients.

The hospital has fixed the following equipment; dialysis kidney machine, ECG monitoring and dental machine among others health equipment which are ready for use.

The conditions of their services have attracted several patients attention.

The hospital has several wards designed from ordinary to the executives wards with over 120 beds capacity.

New leaf hospital which has just been opened has 120 working staff including doctors and specialists

It has a hospital facility which cares for almost all sicknesses. It has a first class labour ward with 20 beds, 4 new born incubators and children ward with 20 beds.

Perhaps, it may be the only hospital with centralised oxygen connected to all admission wards in the northern part of Ghana.

The Medical Director in charge of the new leaf hospital, Dr Seth Agyemang has more to tell.


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