Techiman Crimes Rate Reduced Over 70 Percent


Techiman Crimes Rate Reduced Over 70 Percent

The crime rate in the Techiman municipality of the Bono east region has reduced over 70 percent in the later part of 2020 and 2021.

The Chief Superintendent of the Techiman district police commander in the Bono east region, Yeboah Afari disclosed this to the Nkyeremu news team.

The Chief Supt Yeboah Afari said, their new communication system and drone have helped to track the movements and hideouts of the criminals who used to rob and kill innocent people of Techiman some years back.

These days, the Techiman police station and their charge office which used to be like market centres have now changed he said.

He says in a day, an average of 3 minor cases are being reported to their charge office. Nkyeremu News attested this fact that, the police on duty were on holiday.

Yeboah Afari commended their police patrol teams for their hard working which has chalked this success in the Techiman and its catchment areas.

Chief Supt, Yeboah Afari has pleaded with the people to inform the police on any suspected person to the police on time to take the necessary action.


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