Why Africans Remain Poor


When 54 nations in Africa are waiting for covid-vaccines to come from some foreign countries, if that is not troubling enough than we are in a dead zone.

With all our universities, researchers and academics roaring with big titles and long speeches we still depend on the generosity of others.

If Ghana was a human being and at age 64 cannot take care of itself we will say that individual is a failure. Especially, when we know we are probably the most naturally resourced nation in Africa. It’s lost opportunities.

The sad issue is that our highly learned people have studied only how to think and not production.

What will a scholar gains from knowing the longest river in Africa? Knowing the number Muslim pray in a day. Knowing about the biggest animal on the earth. In deed, this is exactly what our colonial master taught Africans.

This has made Africans scholars containers of useless knowledge


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