12th June 2024


When the laws in our various senior high schools are changed by civilization and individuals culture, these will be our haircuts in schools since our Human Rights will surely defend it.

In the Arabic schools, all girls cover their heads. In the Adventist schools, their female students don’t wear earrings. It is a choice. However, when one prefers dreadlocks all the best but don’t forget every school has its regulations.

Should a school accept these haircuts on deny them admission? We will be seeing the worse haircuts when the government accept dreadlocks in our various schools.

At the tertiary level, the students are matured enough to make their own decisions. However, most the SHS students fall within 15 and 16 years so their parents still have absolute control over them to decide what they think are the best for their wards.

Who wants to see his son with the PhD with this dreadlocks?

How many jobs will employ him here in Ghana?

Which of our security professions will he pass the screening text?

Since majority carries the votes, I guess the students with dreadlocks are likely to lose this fight.

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